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[Monitor] UptimeRobot | A Server Shutdown Alert Service


Service downtime, this is something no one wants to happen. Recently, my website server has been attacked many times and the website is inaccessible, so I have encountered such a problem.

Although we have taken action as much as possible to reduce losses. However, we still hope to have a shutdown reminder service that will promptly remind us to take action when the service is stopped.

Therefore, we have several optional monitoring options:
1. Self-built monitoring plan
(very simple, but this requires additional resources, such as deploying other servers for monitoring)
2. Purchase downtime warning service.
(Using existing services will help us reduce our work and increase our efficiency)

Therefore, I think the second option, the purchase of the downtime warning service, I chose UptimeRobot.


Multiple types
Check HTTP(s), ping, port and keywords.

Get alerted
Via e-mail, SMS, Twitter, Slack, HipChat, Telegram, push, web-hooks…

Reach the stats
View uptime, downtime and the response times.

Verifies downtime from multiple locations.

Advanced notifications
Ignore minor downtimes by setting “alert once (or every x minutes) if down for y minutes”

Maintenance windows
Define time periods in order to not get monitored.

Perform almost every task with the REST API.

Public status pages
Share the stats with your teammates and/or visitors.

Let’s start

1. Register an UptimeRobot account. (

2. Choose your package. (free plan or paid plan, you can also purchase an upgrade plan later)
I chose a $4.5 paid plan, which I think is the most cost-effective package for me.
The free plan supports monitoring every 5 minutes, and the paid version supports monitoring every 1 minute.

3. Go to the dashboard and add your monitoring plan.
Set your monitoring type and get contact information for downtime notifications. (Multiple types, support Check HTTP(s), ping, port and keywords)

You have completed the configuration

When the website is closed (attacked and inaccessible), you will be notified of the emergency contact method you set.

You can then do this in a number of ways:
1. Manual intervention to check the problem
2. Monitor the content of the email and implement load balancing and other operations through the API.

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[Monitor] UptimeRobot | A Server Shutdown Alert Service