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[Original] Network one-click Reinstall CentOS 7 (Official, Pure, Safe, Efficient)


You can reinstall your CentOS7 system with one click. (official, pure, safe, efficient)
No CD-ROM is required, No VNC is required, only one network is required. If you are looking for a solution like this, then try it.
This is my original article and the first official release in the world. Before that, almost no one released it, hoping to help more people.

Last year, I released a one-click optimization of the CentOS7 Linux Shell, which helped us clean up the system provided by the service provider. Protected our privacy and enhanced functionality. As of July 28, 2018, it has successfully helped 100,000+ customers to clean up their service provider’s system, and I’m very happy to help so many people.

Today I am bringing a more official, pure, safe and efficient CentOS system. The system template that does not require the service provider is directly from the official CentOS 7.

At the same time, the system has been specially optimized for server migration, which can achieve heterogeneous migration, which is not possible under normal circumstances.


Current demand

We can be sure that more and more people and families, as well as companies, are starting to use servers (Dedicated server or VPS).
But the system template provided by the service provider is not satisfactory to us. It is impure, unsafe, and even preset with some software. Many merchants have built-in monitoring programs and even hijack our files. This is what we have learned.

We don’t want to see such a situation, and we hope to improve, just as people’s privacy should be more protected.
So I open my private tools and methods. Refresh it and publish it. The file is hosted on the Open Disk CDN.

How to use and do

Automatic installation image:

I offer two ways for you to adopt. (Optional one).

1. Enter recovery mode (recommended) or in regular mode, view the disk you want to install. (The following commands you need to modify to your own disk)

①If you are a VPS, you should run like this
wget -qO- | gunzip -dc | dd of=/dev/vda
②If you are a Dedicated server, you should run like this
wget -qO- | gunzip -dc | dd of=/dev/sda

2. Execute the following command in normal mode
(You need to be aware that the quotes in the following command are “English State Quotes”.)

wget --no-check-certificate -qO ~/ '' && chmod a+x ~/ && bash ~/ -CentOS_7

You need to know

1. It will help you reinstall the latest CentOS7.X system. (official, pure, safe, efficient)
2. After execution, you may take up to 15-45 minutes to connect via IP:22.
3. The newly installed system root password is []
4. After the system is first started, please wait for the automatic installation to complete, then the system will automatically restart before you can use it. (Manual intervention during installation may cause errors)
5. IPV4 and IPV6 are enabled to obtain network information via DHCP.
6. The system’s DNS will be set to and to protect your privacy.
7. The system uses the official CentOS Mirror and will automatically match the yum information. Refusal of service provider hijacking.
8. The login information is standardized and easy to manage. You need to modify it after login.
9. Complete the test, perfect for many Dedicated server and KVM server in Azure, Google Cloud, Vultr, Online, Net, OVH, AlibabaCloud, TencentCloud. Welcome feedback.
10. For manual partitioned system templates, the default allocation disk size is 4.5G. So you need to expand the disk as follows (according to your needs).
[Original] How to expand Linux hard disk (LVM Disk)
11. When you use my solution, I want to say, thank you for trusting me. I am very grateful to you. I am very happy to help you. If you don’t trust my solution, please close the page and trust that this is equal. I believe that technology is not divided into countries. Welcome to discuss together and study the latest technology.
12. Regarding server backups and restores, including migrations between different servers, you should be aware of this.
[Original] Backup Linux system (Recovery backup, Protection data, Server migration)
13. If you need to install a desktop environment, Remote Desktop Connection, and Windows support. Please check here.
[Original] One-click installation of Desktop environment, RDP, Windows support for Linux
14. Auto partition version will allocate all the remaining space of the hard disk to the (/) root partition. Please note that you can only use the automatic partition version on the brand new server. If you have data on the server, please use the manual partition version. (Manually mount your data disk as needed) This is to prevent the Auto Partition from formatting your data disk during installation.
15. If you need additional help, here is a recommended article.
[Original] A complete solution for new servers (system installation, site environment configuration, network and system optimization, full backup and restore migration, desktop environment, tool collection)
16. Before each reinstallation, please ensure that you have reinstalled the system through the service provider panel (CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu). You can not use the automatic script of Mengcao again on the system that has been installed by DD. This system, otherwise it will report an error and the system will not start. Manual DD is not affected by this issue.
17. Do not operate manually during the installation process, which may result in errors. If you see the following screen on the screen (VNC), it means the system is being installed, please be patient.
《[Original] Network one-click Reinstall CentOS 7 (Official, Pure, Safe, Efficient)》
18. Tencent Cloud China version of some machines (Tencent Cloud International version of the machine test is no problem) and DigitalOcean machine Please note that if installed can not be connected (SSH can not be connected). You should go into VNC, modify the network configuration, and set the static IP. (Because their service provider pushed the wrong DHCP gateway information, the automatically acquired network is invalid and cannot access the network.)
vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
BOOTPROTO="static" #dhcp changed to static
IPADDR= #Static IP
GATEWAY= #Default Gateway
NETMASK= #Subnet mask
At last
This restart waits for a few minutes to connect again, in order to prevent the impact of automatic partitioning, resulting in problems.

Start enjoying the pure CentOS7

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[Original] Network one-click Reinstall CentOS 7 (Official, Pure, Safe, Efficient)

  1. CXT says:

    Tips: On some very special servers, you may need to log in to VNC to select a startup item.
    But don't worry, this will not happen under normal circumstances, you only need to connect after 15-45 minutes.