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[Original] AlibabaCloud-CentOS7-Pure-and-safe


I am [Linux Shell] AlibabaCloud-CentOS7-Pure-and-safe author.

As of July 28, 2018, it has successfully helped 100,000+ customers to clean up their service provider’s system, and I’m very happy to help so many people.

Let me officially introduce it on my blog today. [Linux Shell] AlibabaCloud-CentOS7-Pure-and-safe was released in September 2017 and has been updated numerous times.


1. Applicable to any service provider, not limited to AlibabaCloud. (tested on AlibabaCloud, Azure, Vultr,, Etc.)

2. Help you remove the dangerous system monitors of your service provider. (AliYunDun)

3. Avoid DNS privacy monitoring. (Help you modify the DNS to and

4. Convenient server management, standardized login prompt.

5. Reset [Yum Mirror] to avoid service provider hijacking.

6. Help you automatically install epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm

7. Automatically update the system to the latest version of CentOS7

8. It is convenient to replace the kernel with one button, and realize the automatic installation of the Lotserver to accelerate your network.

how to use

Brand new installation
sudo curl -sSL | sudo bash

Snapshot / mirror recovery
sudo curl -sSL | sudo bash

Replace the kernel and install LotServer
sudo curl -sSL | sudo bash

You need to know

1. You need a new server with CentOS7 installed, no important data.

2. Although we have been working hard to solve the problems that arise, you understand that I am not responsible for your consequences.

3. Thanks for the translation from “Kugel-Blitz”、”ztytian”.

4. If you are unable to connect to the external network after execution, please turn off the firewall. (systemctl stop firewalld.service / systemctl disable firewalld.service)

You are done

Now that you have the pure CentOS, enjoy it. A recovery script needs to be executed after the snapshot is restored.

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[Original] AlibabaCloud-CentOS7-Pure-and-safe