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[Open Disk CDN] A CDN that supports excellent projects


Open Disk CDN – A CDN that supports excellent projects. (
Open Disk is an open source project CDN distribution system powered by CXT.

Why is sponsorship established

in many circumstances.
1. Excellent software cannot be quickly known to the public.
2. The public cannot obtain genuine software quickly and easily.
3. Developers have a headache for their software distribution work.
4. The excellent framework of developers can’t be loaded quickly.

So it was born

I sponsored and established this CDN distribution project.
1. Help open source projects and excellent software for distribution.
2. It is easier to get excellent genuine software.
3. The developer’s program can be loaded faster.

Currently has the following features

1. Github excellent project distribution support (Excellent open source project)

2. HTML5 framework distribution support (Bootstrap、Jquery、Vue、Etc.)

3. Operating system distribution support (Linux、Windows、Etc.)

4. Excellent software distribution support

5. Other project distribution support [sort by time]

At last

1. I hope that the Open Disk CDN distribution system can help more developers and users.
2. Building a CDN requires a lot of money and energy, and your donation will better support Open Disk CDN.
[Donations click here]